Windows Phone app for desktop 1.0.1720.1

App to sync your windows phone to your desktop computer saving and managing important files

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    Productivity software

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7

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  • Program license:Free
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    4.6 (43)

The Windows Phone app for Desktop makes syncing and other duties a lot easier. Those a little annoyed about some of the limitations with Windows Phone can feel thrilled this new free app can overcome certain hurdles.

A Growing Platform

The Windows Phone platform is not as popular as Android and iOS. Not everyone is thrilled with Android or iOS phones and devices so they opt for Windows. As the number of customers for the Windows platforms grows, the closer and closer Windows Phones come to matching all the features associated with Android and iOS devices. The arrival of the Windows Phone app for Desktop allows for a no-cost solution to overcome the current problem with limited features.

Syncing Made Simple

The syncing of files no longer has to be an impossible task. Once this app is installed on a desktop, work may commence immediately on putting all the files together in the desired and necessary manner. Any files deemed vital may be quickly and easily synced and backed up. Music ringtones and video files saved on the phone can be transferred and compiled in a library on the PC's hard drive.

The steps to do so are decidedly hassle free. Consider that another big plus for the app. Once the files are in place on the PC, they can be managed without much work.

The Podcast Option

Amazingly, the app allows for the syncing of podcasts. This special feature is quite unique and does not come with any source limitations. In other words, no matter where the podcast file comes from, the file can be synced.

A Streamlined App

The Windows Phone app for desktop is not exactly loaded with a multitude of features, but the app does deliver useful functions for those in need of a secondary synced location for files.

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